The Goals and Missions of Sober Living Florida

Through trial and error we have learned that living alone or among our old friends and drinking buddies make it very difficult to practice the principals necessary for continued sobriety. Addicts and Alcoholics have a tendency to test any restrictions in their behavior and often try to “out-wit” those in authority. We help our members learn how to live sober and happy within society’s guidelines.

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The bond that holds our houses together is the desire to stay sober. In order to achieve this goal we realize our lives need to change. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous provide the framework to change to and continue sober living. Attending AA and NA meetings is most often essential to peaceful long term sobriety. Here we try to instill this belief in our members by including meetings about our way of life, a necessary part of recovery and a truly positive approach to a joyful life. Although it is not a requirement for house members to seek out advice or share particular private problems or concerns with anyone here, there is the full opportunity for one-on-one counseling. The member will receive help in the spirit of fellowship and in strict confidence.

Staying sober while enjoying life is at the heart of the reason for the Sober Living Florida Houses.

"You can't be happy if you are not sober - But you can't be sober if you are not happy"

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